Magical Microgreens

From the delightful nuttiness of sunflower shoots, to the punchy peppery kick of our purple radish, our microgreens are jampacked with a spectrum of flavours – mild to sweet, strong to spicy, earthy to fresh. They were made for a banquet of dishes – sprinkling into a sandwich or smoothie, over a soup or stir fry, you name it, our microgreens with garnish it.

Free from body nasties

No pesticides, poisons, chemicals or weedicides. No toxins or questionable substances to rush nature along (she does know what she’s doing after all). All in all, expect nothing more than a mist of water to have encouraged our microgreens along.

Opening times

Unit 4

Dunkirk Business Park



BA14 9NL


Opening times - 24 hour operation - Site Visits by appointment only, please contact us HERE