Who we are

The roots of Teeny Greeny Farm Hey there – I’m Alice. Single mum to three incredible kiddies, organic champion and biodynamic cheerleader. At Teeny Greeny Farm, we look at life differently. This is our story. After I had my eldest son – Billy – I went out to work in agriculture. I collaborated with growers – and brought many people together who forged fabulous partnerships. I haven’t looked back since (and that was 12 years ago). Mayfield, our first organic business, was set up in 2012. We liked to think as ourselves as pioneers who have always been determined to educate and inspire others to grow organic (even if they only have a city centre apartment). Not ones to rest on our laurels, in 2018 we decided it was time for a change. And a rather big one at that. From the blustery fields to the warmth of indoors, we removed our wellington boots to set about setting up the BEST microgreen farm (ever) – and Wiltshire’s only urban farm. Everything here is nurtured from seed in soil (and when we say nurtured, we mean lovingly pruned, misted, and even sung to).

Soon we’ll be packing up from our original home.
Our new farm will be a mixed urban space that includes the Great Outdoors, where Mother Earth’s natural light will shine brightly on our biodynamic farm. But that’s not the only thing that cheers our microgreens on. We use a combination of cosmic forces. We’re talking Bach’s flowers remedies, solfeggio frequencies and Dr Emoto’s Use of Intention (not heard of him? You should listen to what he had to say about The Secret Life of Water, you may be enlightened).

Our take on urban farming Urban farming has really come into its own of late. Now, people can grow super food all year round – getting all the nutrients they need (and more) from fewer food miles, while working with Mother Nature (who’s only too happy to look after your health and well-being).

Plenty of goodness beyond our micro greens We are a goodwill company – which means we’ve flourished through mostly word of mouth (what can we say, our customers are big fans). Within our fresh food farm, our team of green fingered farmers are all about natural methods (from sow to harvest), and eco-loving processes - floor to ceiling (in LESS than 100 square metres). Our focus on being good to the planet extends all the way to our compostable packaging).

We’ve got goals…
We aim high. We want to be game-changers - to educate and inspire. Day in, day out, we’re meeting growers and working alongside organic & biodynamic farmers. We promote what they do locally, and supply our local area with lovely local food. We know exactly where everything we eat and grow comes from (we think it’s super important).

But enough about us. Let’s talk about you… From 3 years to over 100, our customers come from every age range and all walks of life. Our tiny Teeny Greeny farmers – those who are three and upwards – are getting growing, cooking and educated about good food with fantastic flavours (something that’s never been more important for your younger generations than it is today).

Then there’s the 20 and 30 somethings who seek out super food for everyday super powers (think laser focus and flying through that afternoon dip). In this age range are plenty of mums and dads who are rearing their mini-me’s on nothing but the good stuff – great food, grown locally.

The fabulous and fit at 40 - those who run rings around their younger counterparts (much to said youngsters’ annoyance). For these guys and girls, our miniature greens are all about boosting energy levels, recharging those batteries and doubling down on their endurance.

Then there’s those out there who, at 70, 80, 90 and older, who are not only alive and kicking, but still sharp as a tick, and bright as a button. For these ladies and gentlemen, our microgreens are seen as brain power in a bowl – improving mental clarity for crystal clear thinking. And, finally, in every age range there are many vegans who are flavour purveyors, as well as super food lovers who hit the gym (powered by our good greens and their steely raw determination).

Now, let’s talk marvellous, magical microgreens
Tasty (to say the least) From the delightful nuttiness of sunflower shoots, to the punchy peppery kick of our purple radish, our microgreens are jampacked with a spectrum of flavours – mild to sweet, strong to spicy, earthy to fresh. They were made for a banquet of dishes – sprinkling into a sandwich or smoothie, over a soup or stir fry, you name it, our microgreens with garnish it. Free from body nasties No pesticides, poisons, chemicals or weedicides.

No toxins or questionable substances to rush nature along (she does know what she’s doing after all). All in all, expect nothing more than a mist of water to have encouraged our microgreens along. Wholly better nutrition Conventionally grown food pales into insignificance when it comes to the nutrients packed into every millimetre of microgreens. We’re talking vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, alongside iron, magnesium and zinc; then there’s phosphorus, potassium, and plenty of protein (30%). That’s not forgetting the calcium, carotene and chlorophyll; oh, and finally there’s the antioxidants and amino acids.

All of that, in just one microgreen (Purple Radish, if you wanted to know).
“After more than a decade in the farming business, I began working alongside the original owner of Teeny Greeny Farm (or NAME, as it was called then). From the moment I stepped into the building, I knew there was huge potential in the field of microgreens. This niche had so much to offer – so many nutrients packed into such teeny tiny sizes. And that was it. I bought the farm. Today – 12 months later - our customers truly care about being aware of what they’re eating, and at Teeny Greeny Farm, our aim is simple – we want to reconnect people with local food through fabulously tasty, goodness-packed produce. Alongside this, we teach, and we empower people to get growing on their own”.
  • Alice - Founder and Farmer at Teeny Greeny Farm