The Teeny Greeny Story...

The roots of Teeny Greeny 

Hey– I’m Alice - Super mum to a 3-strong gang of awesome small people, organic champion, biodynamic cheerleader with a passion for dancing in the kitchen – a lot! 

So, here at Teeny Greeny, we want to inspire and share our passions, this our story.

After I had my eldest son – Billy – I found myself finding a passion in food, what we ate, where it came from and actually, who were these absolute hero’s producing it for us?

“From the moment I stumbled across microgreens, I knew there was huge potential in the power that these superfoods could offer, a niche that could be available to anyone - so much nutrients packed into such teeny tiny sizes, and grown in a very short time.

Who are we?
Teeny Greeny is a vibrant, first-generation urban farm based in picturesque Wiltshire. The #greenteam at TGHQ are passionate about what they do and are well and truly on a mission to 'sew the seeds' for a greener future. 
Our mission...
Our main mission is to inspire and support individuals, businesses and groups of people from all walks of life to grow organic. 
Organic growing can be scaled up or down to suit any lifestyle; from utilising just a small amount of space on the kitchen windowsill to going all out with a dedicated grow space in the garden.  
We're working hard to build awareness of the personal and environmental benefits and endless rewards that come from home growing micro-greens as well as the many health and wellbeing perks we can get from eating them. 

How can you get involved?
Grow kits, seed subscriptions, the options are endless! We offer friendly face to face support with getting started by running 1-2-1 and group workshops. Our easy to navigate, online shop offers 24/7 access to our 100% ethically led products and supporting accessories.  
Giving our physical bodies the power of a superfood, our souls the nourishment of 
re-rooting with nature and our minds the ability to grow only positivity by influencing our intentions with green vibes only!
Be part of the Green Team 
Microgreen Grow Kits – Seed Packs –Subscriptions
Workshops – Consultancy

To do our little bit in a continuously expanding population, to teach, to inspire and to empower generations to come that they actually can do their own little bit too.
Alice – Grower Extraordinaire and magic maker at Teeny Greeny.