We had a dream - to share, to inspire and to educate.

What we do is available to all, what microgreens can do for you, can do for all. It’s that simple.

By growing your own Microgreens, you can give them all your own intention.

This can then be passed on to generations to come - that can only do good for the world.

Maybe I sound a little bonkers, but as the quote goes – “we’re all mad here – but the best people usually are”.

There is enough for us all, the more we can believe this, the more we can achieve this.

Through growing our own superfood, being that little bit more conscious about what we eat then it can have one big impact on the food chain, on our health and empowering ourselves to be the best versions of ourselves.

You have to be mindful whilst growing, taking time to nurture what you will eventually reap - we all need a little bit of mindfulness in today’s busy lives.

Join our tribe of Teeny Greeny Farmers – get growing, get educated, get cooking – take control of what matters to you, be it the time you spend helping your little ones grow, giving the gift of growing to friends and family, to those that may be on their own – it could give them something to look forward to when they wake in the morning - to see how these magical microgreens have grown so quickly, giving them.

For those that have health issues and want to take control back, to educate themselves about what they can do for themselves.

Microgreens to us equal Superfood with Superpowers – all so many aspects of our lives.