Our Cosmic practices – otherwise known as magic making!

We centre our passions around doing our little bit for our planet – after all there is no planet B!

Here at Teeny Greeny we believe that environmentally sustainable farming is possible in urban areas – we are out there proving it.

We use organic growing methods and never use any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or GMOs.
We are constantly researching innovations in farming, trying new techniques, and learning as we grow. 
We use peat free and organic where possible.
We buy the majority of our seeds from UK based suppliers, again organic where possible and companies that share our ethical and moral attributes.
We seek to create and collaborate with customers who share our values to create a transformative impact on our local food system.

When we are happy, our plants are happy too – we believe we are all energetic beings and love Dr Emoto’s work with intention and the secret life of water - only good intentions go into our urban farm – lots of love, health and well-being to every one of them – which ultimately this passes on to our customers.

We also like to make sure our plants get a good dose of good vibration - using frequencies via song and sound waves, played often, tis makes us and our plants very happy!