Our Services

We offer a comprehensive consultancy service around setting up an Urban Farm and especially growing Microgreens. 

We have two services:​
- 1 hour Phone / Skype Consultancy
- Full Day on-site Consultancy

If you’re serious about growing microgreens, you’ll save that amount of money by the end of the phone call. It really is as simple as that. Longer session are available – but it’s best to start with just an hour as it will be overwhelming enough!

With the full site visit I go into EVERYTHING you can ever imagine needing to know from the best seeds suppliers, infrastructure, marketing, revenue streams, planting, harvesting, packing and everything is specific to the UK and Europe.

As you can appreciate, I have learnt everything from trial and error, making mistakes and failures which are expensive, so either of these two services would save you multiple hundreds and even a few thousand pounds in savings straight away.